The Shop Up

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I have been meaning to venture to London for awhile now with the husband and when I found out that The Shop Up would be on in May, I decided that it would be the perfect excuse to go. 

So, my husband, eldest son and I travelled up for the weekend and had a great time. 

Obviously, my planning didn’t go too much to plan as during dinner at Jamie Oliver’s on the Saturday evening, I may have had one too many glasses of wine and unfortunately, thought it best to leave going until the morning. 

But then we got up late, of course, and realised that we didn’t have a huge amount of time before we had to get the train back home. 

I did make it to The Shop Up eventually though, complete with luggage, a hangover and a skinny latte in hand. 

It was a brief visit unfortunately but one that I’m happy to have experienced.

I even managed to take a few picture’s along the way. 

It was lovely to see all these beautiful independent shop’s all come together under one roof and I was feeling very inspired. 

It was nice to see brand’s that I recognised from online and to be introduced to new ones.

So many beautiful thing’s for mum, child and baby. 

I’m really excited and looking forward to the Christmas Shop Up in December.

This fantastic event is run by three stylish mama’s and co-  founder’s of Babyccino Kids in where you can find all of these beautiful shop’s on their site. 

To find out more about any upcoming event’s go to

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