The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name.

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One day a little girl awoke,

Sat up and rubbed her eyes,

Looked over at her bedroom door – 

And got a BIG surprise! 

The little girl who lost her name takes your little one on a beautiful and magical adventure meeting wonderful character’s along the way. All in search for her lost name.

Watch your little ones face light up as they find each letter of their name throughout the story. 

This personalised book was lovingly created to inspire the imagination of children and warm the heart’s of parent’s.

No wonder it has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. 

My daughter really enjoyed reading this book and got so excited when she saw her name.

She had helped me choose the character online that she wanted so it definitely made the book more special to her.

The illustration’s and the use of bright colours on each page is simply beautiful and captivating. 

What I also love is the quality of the paper that has been used for the book. 

It is definitely a storybook that will stand proud in the kid’s library for a long time.

To find out more, pop on over to  

Inspire your child to believe that anything is possible. Even finding a missing name. 

Create your adventure today. 

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