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Retro Kids was launched in 2014 by Joanne, a mum of two with a love for all thing’s retro, ethically well made and produced.

With this in mind, Retro kids was born and so began her beautiful journey.

Hand-picked and carefully chosen, Retro kids bring’s you extremely talented brand’s and artist’s all under one roof such as:


Belle & Boo

Lapin and Me


Little Lovely Company

As well as load’s more.

From soft and cuddly plush toys to funky animal plate’s for mealtime’s, Retro kids cover all that is nostalgic, cute and symbolises the perfect childhood from yesteryear.

Introduce your little one to colourful and creative toy’s from the past that will captivate their  little imagination’s.

You are sure to have a sentimental blast from the past yourself whilst you browse this delightful and super sweet site.



I have chosen a few of my favourite pieces from the collection.

Maddie Rose Loves…..

All available online at


Tania x







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