Mamma Couture _ Cuddly toys for girls and boys

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Maddie Rose Boutique’s new adventure has begun.

Not only will the blog be covering the best of Children’s clothing but now we introduce children’s traditional style toys.

Introducing the unique shop Mamma Couture.

Mamma Couture was created by Eva, a mama herself and defining the role of multitasker perfectly.

Mamma Couture was created out of a strong need to make beautiful thing’s for little ones but still keeping a personal touch to each product.








These beautiful and unique little handmade doll’s are just so adorable and perfect for little ones to play with and cherish forever.

Eva collect’s material from all over the world and sew’s each piece herself.

Her doll’s are designed for companionship and her fruit and veg pieces are not only perfect for children to play with but are specifically designed with child development in mind.

Different material’s, shapes and colour’s, her toys promote creativity, discovery and encourages the imagination whilst also enhancing your little one’s motor skill’s. Perfect!

Not only are these pieces for adorable to look at but I love the honestly and passion that Mamma Couture stand’s for.

Eva really truly cares about her creations and see’s her product’s as gift’s that tell a story.

No label’s are used on the product’s either to make a more personal statement.

“No mother would label a toy she made, no Grandmother a sweater she knitted”.

Also, the fabulous Unicorn stick animal toy above is apart of Mamma Couture’s latest collection “Enchanted Creatures” and can also be found on the website.

To shop this unique collection then head over to:

T x

Maddie Rose Boutique

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